Package for doing Einnahmen-Ausgabenrechnung according to Austrian tax laws.

pip install ATAX==3.7


README for the Tapyr repository

Authors: Christian Tanzer <>

This is Christian Tanzer's Python repository aka Tapyr. Tapyr is BSD licensed.

Tapyr comprises a number of package namespaces (see TFL.Package_Namespace), including:

  • MOM implements a meta object model for the specification and implementation of essential object models.

    MOM supports multiple database backends, one of them is based on sqlalchemy

  • GTW implements a Werkzeug-based framework for RESTful web applications built on top of MOM.

  • JNJ provides a Jinja-based template framework for GTW.

  • CAL provides classes for dealing with date, time, and calendars.

  • PMA provides classes for dealing with emails.

  • ReST provides docutils-based classes and functions for dealing with re-structured text.

  • ATAX provides classes and functions for doing simple accounting according to Austrian tax laws.

  • TFL provides utility classes and functions used by the other package namespaces.


Christian Tanzer <>