A speaking battery's charge level

reminder, battery, notification, voice alert, python
pip install Balert==1.1.8


Balert 📢

Balert is for all the lazy people (like me :bowtie: ) who often miss desktop notifications. Balert will say it clear and loud whenever your battery status goes below a default critical level or the level decided by you!

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Build from tar files
    wget ""
    tar xzvf Balert-1.1.8.tar.gz
    cd Balert-1.1.8
    python install
Build from source
    git clone Balert
    cd Balert
    python install
Using pip
    pip install Balert

After installation is done successfully, run any combinations of below command in your terminal once for initial setup and then we are done! If you want to use the default setup then just run balert in terminal.

Default config:

language: English
rate    : 150
charge  : 20 (in percentage)
msg     : ""
vol     : 1.0


usage: [-h] [-r RATE] [-v VOL] [-l LANG] [-m MSG] [-c CHARGE] [-s]

Listen the voice of your battery whenever she is low!

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r RATE, --rate RATE  Rate of speaking.(100-200)
  -v VOL, --vol VOL     Volume of speaking.(1.0)
  -l LANG, --lang LANG  Language speaking
  -m MSG, --msg MSG     Alert message of your own
  -c CHARGE, --charge CHARGE
                        Decide the critical charge level
  -s, --show            Show the currently set config


Set language

To set the language eg. hindi, english , tamil. Default one is english

balert -l hindi
Set rate of speaking
balert -r 100
Set your custom alert message
balert -m "Delta is the state of mind"
Set custom charge level.

If the battery level is below this critical level then it will give voice alert

balert -c 30
View the set configuration
balert -s
Get help
balert -h
balert -m "Hey,Lazy dog " -c 25

When you run the above code, you've set "Hey,Lazy dog" as your custom message and 25 as your critical charge level.


Have an idea to make it better? Go ahead! I will be happy to see a pull request from you! 😊