Scalable web crawler.

pip install BarkingOwl==0.8.1



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BarkingOwl is a scalable web crawler intended to be used to find specific document types such as PDFs.

Not a hard-core hacker? Check out the web front-end tool for barkingowl here

Background and Description

Barking Owl came out of the need presented at a Hacks and Hackers Rochester (#hhroc) meet-up in Syracuse, NY. A journalist expressed his need for a tool that would assist him in looking for key words within PDFs posted to town websites, such as meeting minutes.


I wanted to make the code for this project as reusable as possible as I knew it had several parallels to other work I had been doing and wanted to do in the future. The solution was a architecture that would allow for significant scalability and extensibility.

How to get started

BarkingOwl is on the pypi network, thus it can be installed using pip:

> pip install barkingowl

To use BarkingOwl you will need to install RabbitMQ. Information on how to install RabbitMQ can be found here:


Check out the wiki!