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pip install BuildbotEightStatusShields==0.1


BuildBot Status Shields

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For Buildbot Nine, see the nine branch or BuildbotStatusShields on PyPI

Buildbot version eight offers build status shields in PNG form at /png from the WebStatus server. However, they look pretty ugly and there isn't any configuration available. So I made this here thing to allow expanded use of the status shield/badge/thing. The include badges look like:

Build Status Build Statue


Note: This whole bind() thing feels wrong, I just haven't worked out how to do it right. Please drop me a note if you wish to enlighten me

In your master.cfg file, use BuildbotStatusShields.bind(WebStatus) to bind to the WebStatus server:

import BuildbotStatusShields as shields

c['status'].append(shields.bind(html.WebStatus(http_port=8010, authz=authz_cfg)))

Now your badge is as /badge.svg and /badge.png.

You can pass bind() options to change configuration settings. For example:

import BuildbotStatusShields as shields

c['status'].append(shields.bind(html.WebStatus(http_port=8010, authz=authz_cfg), path="shield"))

Will make it bind to /shield.png and /shield.svg. See below for all configuration options.

When it is configured, run the buildbot master. Badges will be available at /badge.svg and /badge.png (by default), and can be passed the following parameters:

  • builder (required) - The name of the builder to return the status of
  • number (optional) - The build number to return the status of. -1 (default) returns the most build


There are several options available, here's a quick list that I'll probably forget to update. Check for the full list:

  • path - path to bind to. Defaults to badge (binds to /badge.png and /badge.svg)
  • leftText - the text on the left of the badge. Defaults to "Build Status"
  • leftColor - the color of the left side of the badge. Defaults to #555
  • templateName - The name to the badge template. Defaults to badge.svg.j2
  • fontFace - The font face to use when rendering the badge. Defaults to DejaVu Sans
  • fontSize - fontsize to use, defaults to 11
  • colorScheme - a dict of colors to use based on the status. See for defaults

You can also customize the badge. Simply place an SVG Jinja2 template at templates/badge.svg.j2 in the buildbot master folder. Several examples from can be found in the templates/ folder of this package.