Command-line tool for checking te status of links stored in a file.

pip install Check-That-Link==1.0.0



This is a CLI tool used to check an html file for the status of the URL's it contains.

This application requires Python version 3.0 or higher. It also requires that you install urllib3 by using the following command.

$ pip install urllib3

To use, run the application using.


The application requires the path to a file as it's first positional argument.

$ [fileName]

You can also use the optional flag argument -s or --secureHttp to indicate that you want to see if the supplied http URL's will work using https instead.

$ [fileName] -s

The optional flag argument -i or --ignore with a filepath will load and parse an ignored URLs text file.

$ [fileName] -i [ignoreFile]

The format of an ignored URLs text file is as follows:

  • URLs must be placed on seperate lines and begin with either http or https
  • Any line that begins with # is a comment and will not be parsed

The status of the URL will be shown by colour

  • Green = good link
  • Cyan = secured link
  • Red = bad link
  • Grey = unknown link