A parser and builder between python dictionary and "length-body" binary data.

struct, binary, pack, unpack, construct, python
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What can this project solve ?

ConfStruct is a builder and parser between python dictionary and "length-body" binary data.

When you send some configure values to a RTU device.You may not send all values in a time, so these configure values in bytes stream is not in a fixed position.The probably structure may be described as the following table:

Field PC1 VL1 V1 PC2 VL2 V 2 ... PC VL n V n
Byte Length 1 1 2 1 1 4 - 1 1 4
Value 0x01 0x02 - 0x02 0x04 - - 0x0A 0x04 -

Note: PC = param code, VL = value length, V = value

For example, the following table is configure parameters supported for a GPRS RTU device.

Field Name Code Data Length In Bytes Data type Description
Delay Restart 1 4 Unsigned 32-bit interger Delay seconds to restart device
Server Address 2 6 4-byte IP + 2-byte port Server address to connect
Awaken Period 3 2 Unsigned 16-bit interger The interval of reporting data

The demo data b'\x02\x06\xc0\xa8\x01\xc8\x27\xd8\x01\x02\x00\xb4' sent by device can be split into several parts.every part is explained as the following table.

Offset Data Description
0 \x02 "Server Address" Field
1 \x06 The after 6 bytes (2-7) store real value
2-7 \xc0\xa8\x01\xc8\x27\xd8 Parse to IP and port
8 \x01 "Delay Restart" Field
9 \x02 The after 2 bytes(10-11) store real value
10-11 \x00\xb4 parse into a unsigned 32-bit interger : 180

So the data can be parsed to the {server_address='', delayed_restart=180} .

How to solve using code

Use ConfStruct to describe the device config protocol.

from conf_struct import ConfStructure, SingleField, ConstructorField

class ServerAddressStruct:
    def parse(self, binary):
        ip0, ip1, ip2, ip3, port = struct.unpack('>4BH', binary)
        return '{0}.{1}.{2}.{3}:{4}'.format(ip0, ip1, ip2, ip3, port)

    def build(self, value):
        ip, port = value.split(':')
        ip_l = list(map(int, ip.split('.')))
        return struct.pack('>4BH', ip_l[0], ip_l[1], ip_l[2], ip_l[3], int(port))

class DeviceConfStruct(ConfStructure):
    delayed_restart = SingleField(code=0x01, format='>H')
    server_address = ConstructorField(code=0x02, constructor=ServerAddressStruct())
    awaken_period = SingleField(code=0x03, format='>I')

Send config value to with {server_address='', delayed_restart=180} .

>>>  dcs = DeviceConfigStruct()
>>>'', delayed_restart=180)
>>> dcs.parse(b'\x03\x04\x00\x00\x0e\x10\x02\x06\xc0\xa8\x01\xc8\x27\xd8')
{'server_address':'', 'awaken_period': 3600}

Integrate with construct library

Construct is a powerful declarative parser (and builder) for binary data.There are some classes Implement ing the same methods in the above way.These classes include:

  • Byte,Short,Int etc.
  • Struct
  • Sequence
  • Adapter

The above-mentioned demo code fragment can also rewrite with Construct library.

from construct import Struct, Adapter, Byte, Short, Int
from conf_struct import ConfStruct, ConstructorField

class ServerAddressAdapter(Adapter):
    def _encode(self, obj, context):
        ip, port = obj.split(":")
        port = int(port)
        return list(map(int, ip.split("."))) + [port // 256, port % 256]

    def _decode(self, obj, context):
        return "{0}.{1}.{2}.{3}:{4}".format(obj[0], obj[1], obj[2], obj[3], obj[4] * 256 + obj[5])

class DeviceConfigStruct(ConfStruct):
    delayed_restart = ConstructorField(code=0x01, constructor=Short)
    server_address = ConstructorField(code=0x02, constructor=ServerAddressAdapter(Byte[6]))
    awaken_period = ConstructorField(code=0x03, constructor=Int)

API Document

See docs/ for more detail.


  • Update module to package.
  • Public API pre_buid and post_parse for constructors.
  • Custom options for parser and builder.
  • Constructor inherit.
  • Nested constructor.
  • ConfStructure inherit.
  • Size check for parser.
  • Type check for builder.
  • Field order in the ConfStructure.


The package has been tested in 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 .


  • The result of build is not unique due to unordered dictionary below python3.6.


This project is under MIT License.