Rogo apps Kit Development for Rogo Speaker Devices in Python

pip install Flask-Rak==2019.12.6.1


Rogo Speaker Application Kits for Python

NPM Version

Flask-Rak is a Flask extension that makes building Rogo applications for the Rogo Speaker easier and much more fun.

This project is heavily inspired and based on John Wheeler's Flask-ask for the Alexa Skills Kit.

The Basics

A Flask-Rak application looks like:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from flask import Blueprint, jsonify

api = Blueprint('api', __name__)

from flask_rak import RAK, statement, question

APP_NAME = 'weather'
weather_app = RAK(

def launch(data):
    data: Type _Field
    print 'launch: ', data
    return statement(APP_NAME, "helllo")

In the code above:

  1. The Rak object is created by passing in the Flask application and a route to forward Rogo speaker requests to.
  2. The intent decorator maps HelloIntent to a view function hello.
  3. The intent's firstname slot is implicitly mapped to hello's firstname parameter.


To install Flask-Rak

pip install flask-ask

To install from your local clone or fork of the project, run:

python install

Update pip package:

update new pip package to

python sdist
twine upload dist/*