Dennis the release helper

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pip install GitflowDennis==0.11.0


Dennis -- helping to release and ship it


  • Checkout and Install:
# Install sawyer
git clone sawyer
cd sawyer
python3 develop

# Install or Upgrade dennis
pip install -U GitflowDennis

You'll need to run any dennis commands from within the Git project you wish to release.

  • Prepare a release:
dennis prepare --type minor --user <your username>
  • Draft a release:
dennis release --type minor --user <your username> --draft

This will not merge any PRs, but it's useful for ensuring the current release state is retrieved normally.

  • Complete a release:
dennis release --type minor --user <your username>

GitFlow-esque Use Cases

Create and Release a normal (minor) release

# Step 1
dennis prepare --type minor --user yannispanousis
# ... QA cycle ...
# Step 2
dennis release --type minor --user yannispanousis

Create and Release a hotfix

# Step 1
dennis prepare --type hotfix --user yannispanousis --branch <a published branch name>
# ... QA cycle ...
# Step 2
dennis release --type hotfix --user yannispanousis

Please Note: dennis doesn't validate that this provided branch is based off master (which it should be, for hotfixes, according to GitFlow). So you must carefully inspect the release PR you will be creating and make sure there are no unwanted changes.


  • You'll be happy to hear that dennis acts in an idempotent fashion, so he'll try to pick up where he left off if there was a partial failure previously, for whatever reason
  • dennis does allow to override the version number and source branch from which the release is created, e.g.:
dennis prepare --version v53.69.999 --branch feature/please-avoid-this-dangerous-workflow

PyPI Update

Having followed this guide


python sdist upload -r pypitest


python sdist upload -r pypi


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