GLEM is a lemmatizer for Ancient Greek.

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pip install Glem==1.3.0



GLEM is a lemmatizer for Ancient Greek.

It has been created in the project 'Unraveling the Language of Perspective' (, which is supported by the EU under FP7, ERC Starting Grant 338421-Perspective.

The paper 'A memory-based lemmatizer for Ancient Greek' reports on how it works, what material it uses, and what the accuracy is. It can be found in the repository and at

A webservice where you can upload texts that you want to have lemmatized can be found at


Just Python 3 for the simple word list based lemmatizer.

To add machine learning based lemmatization that also takes into account the context, you also need Frog. By far the easiest way to install Frog is to use LaMachine.


Run: python3 install

We recommend using LaMachine or a Python virtual environment of your own. Alternatively for a global installation, prepend sudo.

Example usage

Glem comes with a pretrained model, based on lemmas chosen by humans (in the UiO PROIEL project, PI: Dag Haug), for Herodotus. If you are inside the Lamachine environment (something like lamachine/bin/activate), you can use it (with or without Frog) as follows:

glem -f input.txt

The files for this model can be found in glem/pretrained_models/herodotus .