A CFFI binding for the Hunspell spellcheck library

spelling, spellcheck
pip install Hunspell-CFFI==1.1.2



A CFFI-based binding for the Hunspell library. Currently only provides the basic ability to check spelling and provide suggestions. No built-in dictionary management either - this is up to you. Compatible dictionaries can be retrieved from LibreOffice, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

On Linux or OSX, this links against the system provided Hunspell (you'll need -dev packages or equivalent installed on Linux; on OSX header files that should work are provided (in osx-data/, if you need to change them)). Windows expects a copy of libhunspell.dll, libhunspell.lib, and hunspell.h in the win-x64-data/ directory; a VS2015 64-bit (Python 3.5) compatible build is provided there, but for anything else you'll have to build this yourself. Checking out the git repo and building with Visual Studio should do the trick; be aware you need the dll build configuration selected.