Try to translate Kanji to Romaji.

pip install Kanji_to_Romaji==1.0.0



Formerly kana_to_romaji
Tries to translate Kanji to Romaji with the help of JMdict
Some typograhic characters are also translated since one of the original goals was to make the string printable in ascii


pip install kanji_to_romaji
or if pip is not available:
git clone https://github.com/rcamba/kanji_to_romaji


ktr.py is a script included to be used in the command line provided you have your python’s script folder in your environment variables

> ktr.py 友達に会いました
tomodachi ni aimashita
Although Windows cmd doesn’t seem to natively support unicode characters so you can use unicode escaped strings if you’d like…
> ktr.py \u53cb\u9054\u306b\u4f1a\u3044\u307e\u3057\u305f
tomodachi ni aimashita

The more common usage will probably to be used in another program:

from kanji_to_romaji import kanji_to_romaji
print kanji_to_romaji(u"友達に会いました")

Argument must be in unicode

More examples

私は嬉: watashi wa ureshii
更に向こうへ: sarani mukou e
友達に会いました: tomodachi ni aimashita
車には一人分の空きがあった: kuruma ni wa hitoribun no aki ga atta
bl∞dy☆: bl dy
乷: \u4e77 (not in Kanji unicode range)
See tests\test_kanji.py for more examples
Note: The particles は (ha/wa) or へ (he/e) won’t always be translated properly. Same goes for some of the Kanji translations since there are multiple possible readings for some of them depending on the context.