A Python chess game for two human players

pip install KingSnake==2.0.0



KingSnake is a Python implementation of chess for two human players. Because
players are also objects, an AI implementation would also be possible.

A simple text-based chess game can be started with the script `kingsnake`. This
script calls `` in xterm with a large font. If you don't want to use
the xterm terminal, you can call `` directly.

KingSnake checks each move for legality and only allows legal moves to occur.
However, because the library is open, you of course also have the possibility
to move pieces around manually without invoking moves, making it possible to
set up historical chess games and revel in the past.

This software is released under the GNU General Public License, so feel free to
use it any way you like. It would be nice to let me know if you do anything
cool with it though.

The package has reached 2.0 status relatively early. This is because, due to
popular demand, I had released 1.3 with some added capabilities on move
rollback. The resultant code was comfortable to use, but the performance was
bad. As I fixed the performance problem, I cut out some of the outward-facing
API of Chessboard, so that code dependent on features in 1.3 would have been
broken. The same functionality is now there, but the method names didn't match
logically any more and I didn't want to support the deprecate calls in
probably-nonexistent client code. So... Don't be sad, just update the package
and enjoy the same functionality in performance mode! ;)

Author: `Daniel Lee <>`_