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pip install Melta



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A small object database engine.

Melta is a small size OODBMS, with some small features like transactional and versioned objects, master/slave replication and a small query language. The objective of the project is to have a minimalist databse with the existing python backend.

To just download the current develop build, just do:

$ git clone


These are the features that are currently avaiable and tested for now.
  • Schema support to hold objects. In this way you can have multiple schemas that will persist one in different files or in the same one.
  • Transaction support for schemas and objects.
  • Simple model with atomic, aggregation and reference as primitive objects.
  • Converts from python object to a melta object type.
    • Supported python objects:
      • List
      • Dictionary
      • python instance
      • Int -Float
      • Str
      • Tuple
      • More types coming soon (other iterable and primitive types)

Source of the idea

This small database prototype is heavily based on the paper of OMG Object Database Technology Working Group White Paper

There is actually a proposed architecture described in a formal paper. This paper has been presented on the WISIT '14 conference.

Query Language

Still on the works will be avaiable soon.

Authors and Contributors

Currently the project is being developed and mantained by Ernesto Bossi (@bossiernesto)

Support or Contact

Having issues or problems with Melta database? Check out the FAQ at or contact @bossiernesto to and we’ll help you sort it out.