MongoNorm is Not a Object Relational Mapping library for mongodb.

pip install MongoNorm==0.4.0




MongoNorm is Not a Object Relational Mapping library for mongodb.

MongoNorm just packages document Mongo's as an object. you can add custom methods and properties for it, And you can still use it as dict.

MongoNorm based on pymongo. The class and methos which is not be mentioned is same as pymongo's, please refer to pymongo's documentation first.


Use pip to install:

pip install MongoNorm

use guide

  1. MongoClient and Database

Use these just like you use in pymongo:

from mongonorm import MongoClient
client = MongoClient()
# Or: client = MongoClient('mongodb://localhost:27017/')
db = client.test_database
  1. Define your own Model

MongoNorm changed the way collections and documents were used, first you need to define your own Model:

Class Article(object):

    documents struct: {
        "title": "article title",
        "author": "author",
        "content": ""
    def __init__(self, title, author, content):
            'title': title,
            'author': author,
            'content': content})

    def html_content(self):
!Warning about __init__():

Don't add attribute in :__init__. You can defind property in Model if you need.

You must call insert(document) in or after __init__ to upload document to Mongodb.

All the pymongo on the collection of operations, have become the Model of the classmethod, If the pymongo's return is the document, will be monogonorm package for your definition of the class, such as:

Article.find_one({'title': 'Hello'}) # return an object of Article or None
cur = Article.find({})
# Return a cursor, you can get Article object from this cusor

for article in cur:
    print(article['title'])  # use as dict
    print(article.html_content())  # use method of model class


When you modified a document out of your document object, you should reload it before use it:

Article.update_many({'tags': []})
  1. some useful methods:
  • shortcut for set a single field as a dict:

    article['title'] = 'MongoNorm'
    # it will auto update to mongodb
  • shortcut for update self:

    article.update({'$set': {'title', 'MongoNorm', 'author': 'Crows'}})
  • the same as replace:

    article.replace({'$set': {'title', 'MongoNorm', 'author': 'Crows'}})