Mopidy extension for the AudioAddict network of radiostations

pip install Mopidy-AudioAddict==0.2.7



Install by running the following:

python install

You can also install the plugin from PyPI:

pip install Mopidy-AudioAddict


Make sure you enable the extension after you've completed the installation. You will also need the Mopidy-Stream extension enabled - it's bundled with Mopidy, so unless you disabled it it should be available.

Example configuration:

# enable plugin
enabled = true
# username and password (optional)
username =
password = supersecret
# you need an account if you want to set stream quality
# valid options are:
#   40k, 64k (free)
#   40k, 64k, 128k, 320k (premium)
quality = 320k
# enable or disable individual stations
difm = true
radiotunes = true
rockradio = true
jazzradio = true
frescaradio = true

If you choose not to provide a username and password then the plugin will default to the lower-quality 40k public stream.

The plugin will cache channel lists for each of the stations to avoid wasting any bandwidth.

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Bugs, feedback and patches are always welcome!