Beets extension for Mopidy

beets, mopidy, mopidy-backend, python
pip install Mopidy-Beets==4.0.1



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Mopidy extension for browsing, searching and playing music from Beets via Beets' web extension.


Install by running:

sudo python3 -m pip install Mopidy-Beets

See for alternative installation methods.


  1. Setup the Beets web plugin.

  2. Tell Mopidy where to find the Beets web interface by adding the following to your mopidy.conf:

    hostname =
    port = 8337
  3. Restart Mopidy.

  4. The Beets library is now accessible in the "browser" section of your Mopidy client. Additionally searches in Mopidy return results from your Beets library.

Proxy configuration for OGG files (optional)

You may want to configure an http proxy server in front of your Beets plugin (not mopidy). Otherwise you could have problems with playing OGG files and other formats that require seeking (in technical terms: support for http "Range" requests is required for these files).

The following Nginx configuration snippet is sufficient:

server {
    root /usr/share/beets/beetsplug/web;
    server_name beets.local;
    location / {
        proxy_pass http://localhost:8337;
        # this statement forces Nginx to emulate "Range" responses
        proxy_force_ranges on;

Now you should change the mopidy configuration accordingly to point to the Nginx port above instead of the Beets port. Afterwards mopidy will be able to play file formats that require seeking.


  1. Run beet web to start the Beets web interface.
  2. Start Mopidy and access your Beets library via any Mopidy client:
    • Browse your collection by album
    • Search for tracks or albums
    • Let the music play!

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