Mopidy Mixcloud extension

pip install Mopidy-Mixcloud==3.1415.9265


Unusual Computers Collective

about us: youtube

calls and enquiries: unusual.computers(at)

what we made

  • Rainbow tree

    A mood lamp to celebrate love.

  • Rock-i

    Rock-i is a computer made of a rock, concrete and love.

  • Space Window

    Space window is like a picture that shows faraway places. It will stream videos from the internet or play your own ones, show beautiful pictures of space that NASA publishes every day or some you chose yourself, play radio and podcasts and show time and weather where you are.

  • Internet of Nothings

    Internet of Nothings is a standalone Wi-Fi network to which you can connect from any internet enabled device. It will then accept any non encrypted website address and redirect the browser to nothing.

  • Twitter media tools

    Windows utilities create twitter friendly videos.

  • Laptop in a comic book

    A pi zero based laptop packed inside old comic book covers.

  • Kodi in a flower pot

    A fully functional kodi machine built into a fully functional flower pot.

  • Mopidy Mixcloud

    A Mopidy plug in to listen to Mixcloud.

  • Radio Rough

    A computer program for listening to internet.

  • Radio Rough HTML

    A lightweight front end for mopidy, use for listening to internet on your network.

what we learned