Utility for translating lat, long coordinates into neighborhoods in various cities

neighborhood, gis, boundaries
pip install Neighborhoodize==0.9.6



Neighborhoodize uses fastkml, fiona, and shapely to determine what neighborhood a latitude, longitude pair resides in.



This package uses shapely and fiona, which require GEOS and GDAL. On OS X and Windows you shouldn't need to worry about these, but on a Linux system you may need to install them:


apt-get install libgeos-dev libgdal1-dev

This package

pip install Neighborhoodize

💥 boom emoji, you're done.

Usage example

import neighborhoodize

hood_map = neighborhoodize.NeighborhoodMap(neighborhoodize.zillow.ILLINOIS)

hood_map.get_neighborhoods(41.879617, -87.633463)
# [u'Loop']

NeighborhoodMaps available for use


Zillow provides their neighborhood boundaries free under Creative Commons. These are good boundaries to use for colloquial/property-value related use cases.

  • zillow.ILLINOIS
  • zillow.NEW_YORK
  • more coming soon...

City of New York

  • nyc.NEIGHBORHOOD_TABULATION_AREAS (these are defined by the Department of City Planning)

City of Chicago

  • city_of_chicago.NEIGHBORHOODS (these are defined by the Department of Tourism)

Have other boundaries you want to see in the package? Open an issue, or, better yet, make a pull request!

Other implementations

jkgiesler's chicago_neighborhoods provides similar functionality for Chicago without dependencies.

coddingtonbear's django-neighborhoods provides similar functionality as a Django app.

Future of this project

(see Issues for details/to make suggestions)

  • ability to use Chicago community areas or wards instead of 2012 neighborhoods
  • ability to use subarb boundaries for Chicagoland areas not inside the city limits
  • additional cities