Creates convex hulls of 2-d arrays

pip install PANOU-CONVEX==0.1.0



the convex_hull is calculated using the graham algorithm

When trying to find out wehther a 2-d point is into the convex _hull inserted (using the function point_is_in_polygon of convex_hull_graham method), if the point lies

in the boundaries of the polygon, it returns False as if the point is NOT into the polygon. Also the function does not check whether the points provided as a 2-d array

#for the convex -hull polygon, actually do form a convex hull polygon.

When using the function do_interesect of the convex_hull_graham method to check out whether two convex _hull polygons intersect, it does not check whether the two 2-d arrays

forming a convex - hull polygon each, actuall do form a convex _hull polygon. Moreoverm if the first convex _hull _polygon lies completely into the other one, the function

#returns TRUE, as if those two polygons do intersect