a commandline tool to post to Markdown files to wordpress posts (based on wordpress XML-RPC)

blogging wordpress commandline
pip install Push_To_Wordpress==0.154


#Push (Markdown) to wordpress

currently basic functionality

A simple, python based, commandline wordpress blogging tool.
A commandline wrapper to publishing with markdown and wordpress-xmlrpc



##Techonology Using:

  1. python-wordpress-xmlrpc
  2. python-markdown

using wordpress: XML-RPC Api

##Installing The short way: Straight from the cheeseshop

pip install push_to_wordpress

The long way:

git clone git://github.com/alonisser/PushToWordpress.git

cd PushToWordpress
python setup.py install #(If that doesn't work you should run the build command first)

##Usage: Current and quite basic:

presser --title optionaltitle --posts inputfile.md anotherinputfile

where there is a config.ini file with wordpress blog connection details in the same folder.

Full command line options and flags here

Simple isn't it?
currently can't handle media files with the posts
but check the TODO section for more info about that..

Don't forget to enter your wordpress blog config in the config.ini file (look at configdemo.ini for inspiration)

##License See License

##TODO or "How can I help or contribute":

fork, open issues etc. Don't forget to check our TODO


for older wordpress installs you should enable the XML-RPC here
in later Wordpress versions it's enabled by default.