An MP3 music player interface

music, music-player-interface, python
pip install PyMusicPlayer==1.0.0



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An MP3 music player interface for Python with builtin playback and queue functionality built using Pygame mixer


Install via pip

$ pip install pymusicplayer


from pymusicplayer import MusicPlayer

mp = MusicPlayer()
  • add_song(filename, song_name) - Add song to queue by filename and sets song name (defaults to filename)
  • remove_song(index) - Remove song at index of queue
  • get_current_song() - Return name of currently loaded song
  • get_queue() - Return names of songs in queue
  • get_loop_queue() - Return if queue will loop
  • set_loop_queue() - Set if queue should loop
  • shuffle() - Shuffle songs in queue
  • is_playing() - Return if music is currently playing
  • play() - Start playing loaded music
  • pause() - Pause loaded music
  • restart() - Restart loaded music
  • get_volume() - Returns volume of music
  • set_volume(volume) - Sets volume of music to value in interval [0, 100]
  • get_pos() - Get current position of loaded music in milliseconds
  • set_pos(pos) - Set position of loaded music in milliseconds
  • choose_song(index) - Load song at index in queue
  • next_song() - Load next song in queue
  • previous_song() - Load previous song in queue
  • skip(amount) - Skip amount (in milliseconds) in music (positive for forward, negative for rewind)