WebDAV library including a standalone server for python 3

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pip install PyWebDAV3==0.9.11


PyWebDAV is a standards compliant WebDAV server and library written in Python
This alternate package has been updated for python 3 support. It should still work with 2.7


Python WebDAV implementation (level 1 and 2) that features a library that enables you
to integrate WebDAV server capabilities to your application

A fully working example on how to use the library is included. You can find the server in the DAVServer package. Upon installation a script called davserver is created in your $PYTHON/bin directory.

If you search an easy to use WebDAV server that supports most clients (cadaver, Mac OS X Finder, Windows Explorer, ...) then try out PyWebDAV.


Installation and setup of server can be as easy as follows:

$ pip install PyWebDAV3
$ davserver -D /tmp -n -J

If you're living on the bleeding edge then check out the sourcecode from

After having downloaded code simply install a development egg:

$ git clone
$ cd PyWebDAV3
$ python develop
$ davserver --help

Any updates, fork and pull requests against my github page

If you want to use the library then have a look at the DAVServer package that
holds all code for a full blown server. Also doc/ARCHITECURE has information for you.


Ask here
or send an email to the maintainer.


- Python 2.7  or higher (
- PyXML 0.66 (


General Public License v2
see doc/LICENSE


Andrew Leech [*]
Melbourne, Australia

Simon Pamies
Bielefeld, Germany

Christian Scholz
Aachen, Germany

Vince Spicer
Ontario, Canada

[*]: Current Maintainer


- MySQLdb (
- Mysql server 4.0+ for Mysql authentication with
  with read/write access to one database


Look inside the file doc/TODO for things which needs to be done and may be done
in the near future. 

Have a look at doc/ARCHITECTURE to understand what's going on under the hood