Pytoad is a lightweight Hoptoad notifier for Python.

pip install Pytoad==1.0.8


Pytoad: A Hoptoad Notifier for Python

Pytoad is a lightweight Hoptoad notifier for Python.


Copy config/environment.default.json to config/environment.json and modify the values to match your project.

If you are using easy_install, you will need to create a config directory in your project with the environment.json file.

If you store your configuration files in a central location, you can also use the PYTOAD_CONFIG_DIRECTORY environment variable to specify the location.

Using the Decorator

from pytoad import pytoad_decorator
def foobar():
	raise Exception('banana')

Or catch specific types of exceptions

@pytoad_decorator(monitored_exceptions=[StandardError, LookupError])
def foo():
	raise StandardError('banana')

Usage Without Decorator

from pytoad import Connection
connection = Connection(name="Project Name", version="Software Version", environment_name="production", api_key="API-KEY")
connection.send_to_hoptoad(Exception('banana'), additional_information="additional debug info.")