Simple editor for Markdown and reStructuredText

editor, markdown, markdown-editor, markup-language, restructuredtext
pip install ReText==7.0.4


Welcome to ReText!

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ReText is a simple but powerful editor for Markdown and reStructuredText markup languages. ReText is written in Python language and works on Linux and other POSIX-compatible platforms. To install ReText from the cloned repository, use install command (by default it installs system wide, pass the --user option for installing into the user’s home directory).

ReText on Plasma 5 desktop

You can read more about ReText in the wiki.

ReText requires the following packages to run:

We also recommend having these packages installed:

The latest stable version of ReText can be downloaded from PyPI. You can also use pip3 install ReText command to install it from there.

Translation files are already compiled for release tarballs and will be automatically loaded. For development snapshots, compile translations using lrelease locale/*.ts command (on Debian-based systems, lrelease is available in qttools5-dev-tools package). Translation files can also be loaded from /usr/share/retext/ directory.

You can translate ReText into your language on Transifex.

ReText is Copyright 2011–2016 Dmitry Shachnev, 2011–2016 Maurice van der Pot, and is licensed under GNU GPL (v2+) license, the current version is available in LICENSE_GPL file.

ReText icon is based on accessories-text-editor icon from the Faenza theme.