A simple schedule managing cli app

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pip install RedList==0.0.8


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A simple schedule managing program made with python

Getting Started


pip3 install redlist


  1. Want to add your schedule? Press 'a'

    • What? : enter a name of schedule
    • Due? : enter a due date of your schedule. Please enter with correct form (ex 2018-05-29 23:59:59)
    • Importance? : enter a importance of your schedule
    • Category? : enter a category of your schedule
  2. Want to see your schedule list? Press 'l'

    • 'due' will show you the list in less time left order.
    • 'what' will show you the list in alphabetical order.
    • 'importance' will show you more important thing first.
    • 'category' will show you the lists that have a category you choose.
  3. Want to modify your schedule? Press 'm'

    • Enter 'what' you want to change.
    • same with 'add to do'.
  4. Want to delete your schedule? Press 'd'

    • Enter 'what' you want to delete
  5. Want to know what category is in list? Press 'c'

Using args

Usage :

redlist [options]

Options :


show program's version number and exit


show this help message and exit

-a [what] [due(yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)]

add a new todo

-l what || due || importance || category [category]

list todos by option

-m [org_what] [what] [due(yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)] [importance(0~5)] [category] [finishied(y/n)]

modify the todo

-d [what]

delete the todo


show categories

Bulit With

  • Python


Participant Role
Moon SeongIn PM
Yun SungHo Designer
Lee Hayung Presenter
Nam YunJae Developer
Lee Gukgon Secretary