Python Prometheus client to RouterBoard devices produced by MikroTik.

pip install RouterOS-Prometheus-client==0.0.1


RouterOS Prometheus client


Prometheus client for Mikrotik devices. Can be configured to collect metrics from a single device or multiple devices.

To access the api, use RouterOS-api.

To create metrics, use Prometheus Python Client.


pip install routeros-prometheus-client


Mikrotik Config

Create a user on the device that has API and read-only access.

/user group add name=prometheus policy=api,read,winbox

Create the user to access the API via.

/user add name=prometheus group=prometheus password=changeme

Create config file

host =
username = login
password = password
plaintext_login = True

host =
username = login
password = password
plaintext_login = True
  • [section] - String - Used for identification device
  • host - String - Hostname or IP of device
  • username - String - Login username - Default 'admin'
  • password - String - Login password - Default empty string
  • port - Integer - TCP Port for API - Default 8728 or 8729 when using SSL
  • plaintext_login - Boolean - Try plaintext login (for RouterOS 6.43 onwards) - Default False
  • use_ssl - Boolean - Use SSL or not? - Default False
  • ssl_verify - Boolean - Verify the SSL certificate? - Default True
  • ssl_verify_hostname - Boolean - Verify the SSL certificate hostname matches? - Default True
  • ssl_context - Object - Pass in a custom SSL context object. Overrides other options. - Default None

Start routeros-prometheus-client

routeros-prometheus-client -c routeros-prometheus-client\config.ini -p 8000

  • -c --config path to config.ini
  • -p --port HTTPServer port