SNPs_Analysis is a pipeline analysis bioinformatics workflows that is specifically designed for functional genomic scientists or researchers in the field of biomedical or bioinformatics. This analysis pipeline is supported with high performance computing systems (HPCs). That is, the HPC is for running pipeline stages on a distributed compute nodes.

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pip install SNPs_Analysis


A bioinformatics pipeline based on Ruffus

Author: Ajayi Olabode (

SNPs_Analysis is based on the Ruffus library for writing bioinformatics pipelines. Its features include:

  • Job submission on a cluster using DRMAA (currently only tested with SLURM).
  • Job dependency calculation and checkpointing.
  • Pipeline can be displayed as a flowchart.
  • Re-running a pipeline will start from the most up-to-date stage. It will not redo previously completed tasks.


3 Clause BSD License. See LICENSE.txt in source repository.


External dependencies

SNPs_Analysis depends on the following programs and libraries:

  • python (version 2.7.5)
  • DRMAA for submitting jobs to the cluster (it uses the Python wrapper to do this). You need to install your own for your local job submission system. There are versions available for common schedulers such as Torque/PBS, SLURM and so on.
  • bwa for aligning reads to the reference genome (version 0.7.10)
  • gatk Genome Analysis Toolkit (version 3.3-0)
  • samtools (version 0.1.2)
  • picard (version 1.127)

You will need to install these dependencies yourself.

I recommend using a virtual environment:

cd /place/to/install
virtualenv SNPs_Analysis
source SNPs_Analysis/bin/activate
pip install -U git+

If you don't want to use a virtual environment then you can just install with pip:

pip install -U git+

Worked example

The example directory in the source distribution contains a small dataset to illustrate the use of the pipeline.

Get a copy of the source distribution

cd /path/to/test/directory
git clone

Install SNPs_Analysis as described above

Get a reference genome.

cd SNPs_Analysis/example
mkdir reference
# copy your reference into this directory, or make a symbolic link
# call it reference/genome.fa

Tell Python where your DRMAA library is

For example (this will depend on your local settings):

export DRMAA_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/slurm_drmaa/1.0.7-gcc/lib/

Run SNPs_Analysis and ask it what it will do next

SNPs_Analysis -n --verbose 3

Generate a flowchart diagram

SNPs_Analysis --flowchart pipeline_flow.png --flowchart_format png

Run the pipeline

SNPs_Analysis --use_threads --log_file pipeline.log --jobs 2 --verbose 3


You can get a summary of the command line arguments like so:

SNPs_Analysis -h
usage: SNPs_Analysis     [-h] [--verbose [VERBOSE]] [-L FILE] [-T JOBNAME]
                         [-j N] [--use_threads] [-n] [--touch_files_only]
                         [--recreate_database] [--checksum_file_name FILE]
                         [--flowchart FILE] [--key_legend_in_graph]
                         [--flowchart_format FORMAT] [--forced_tasks JOBNAME]
                         [--config CONFIG] [--jobscripts JOBSCRIPTS]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --config CONFIG       Pipeline configuration file in YAML format, defaults
                        to pipeline.config
  --jobscripts JOBSCRIPTS
                        Directory to store cluster job scripts created by the
                        pipeline, defaults to jobscripts
  --version             show program's version number and exit

Common options:
  --verbose [VERBOSE], -v [VERBOSE]
                        Print more verbose messages for each additional
                        verbose level.
  -L FILE, --log_file FILE
                        Name and path of log file

pipeline arguments:
  -T JOBNAME, --target_tasks JOBNAME
                        Target task(s) of pipeline.
  -j N, --jobs N        Allow N jobs (commands) to run simultaneously.
  --use_threads         Use multiple threads rather than processes. Needs
                        --jobs N with N > 1
  -n, --just_print      Don't actually run any commands; just print the
  --touch_files_only    Don't actually run any commands; just 'touch' the
                        output for each task to make them appear up to date.
  --recreate_database   Don't actually run any commands; just recreate the
                        checksum database.
  --checksum_file_name FILE
                        Path of the checksum file.
  --flowchart FILE      Don't run any commands; just print pipeline as a
                        Print out legend and key for dependency graph.
                        Draw horizontal dependency graph.
  --flowchart_format FORMAT
                        format of dependency graph file. Can be 'svg', 'svgz',
                        'png', 'jpg', 'psd', 'tif', 'eps', 'pdf', or 'dot'.
                        Defaults to the file name extension of --flowchart
  --forced_tasks JOBNAME
                        Task(s) which will be included even if they are up to

Configuration file

You must supply a configuration file for the pipeline in YAML format.

Here is an example:

        walltime: '10:00'
        mem: 30
            - 'snpeff/default'

# The Human Genome in FASTA format.

ref_grch37: /usr/people/ajayi/test/complexo_pipeline/example/reference/HumanTest500k_g1k_H37Rv_decoy.fasta

index_file: /usr/people/ajayi/test/complexo_pipeline/example/reference/*.nix

# The input FASTQ files.

   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1117_R1.fastq.gz
   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1117_R2.fastq.gz
   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1118_R1.fastq.gz
   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1118_R2.fastq.gz
   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1119_R1.fastq.gz
   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1119_R2.fastq.gz
   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1120_R1.fastq.gz
   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1120_R2.fastq.gz
   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1121_R1.fastq.gz
   - /cip0/research/scratch/ajayi/Input_fasta_files/H37Rv1121_R2.fastq.gz

pipeline_id: 'H37Rv'