An RPC-like protocol on top of Redis

pip install Shisetsu==0.1.3



Shisetsu is an RPC-like protocol on top of Redis that aims to be as simple and easy to use as possible while maintaining extensibility and configurability. The primary goal of Shisetsu is to be easy to implement in other languages without having to dive into the nitty gritty of channels, socket programming, serialization, et cetera (though of course, there's no stopping you) -- all you need is msgpack and Redis (with PubSub) support.

This is the Python implementation of Shisetsu. Both this implementation and the protocol itself are still in beta, and should not be used in production due to lack of security features. Right now, this serves more as a proof-of-concept than anything else.

Quick Start

  1. Install Redis and start the Redis server
  2. $ pip install shisetsu or clone this repo and run $ python install
  3. Open up Python

To start a Shisetsu Server:

import time

from shisetsu.server import Server

# Create a Server on the 'time' Redis channel bound to the time module
s = Server('time', time)


To call time.clock() on the server:

from shisetsu.client import Client

# Send requests to the 'time' Redis channel
c = Client('time')'clock')

or, alternatively

from shisetsu.client import CallableClient

c = CallableClient('time')


Protocol Specs


Future Plans (soon)

  • Client Timeout (done in v0.1.1)
  • Middlewares (done in v0.1.2)
  • Tests
  • Release on PyPi (done in v0.1.2)
  • Authorization/authentication support
  • Async (Python 3 async/await?)
  • Request more

Future Plans (far future)

  • Implementations in other languages*
  • Performance optimizations
  • Other brokers beside Redis

*I can probably implement JavaScript (NodeJS), Elixir, and PHP versions myself.


If there's anything listed (or not listed) above that you wish to implement, or if you wish to submit an improvement or fix, feel free to send a pull request. Please follow Git Flow.