Analyse mouse trajectory data.

pip install Squeak==0.2.0



Python library for processing and analysing data from mouse tracking psychological experiments.

Squeak is a collection of functions which I've developed to analyse psychological mouse-tracking data in python. It's very much a work in progress, and at the time of writing consists of two branches:

  • master, which is the last fully functional, tested version of the software, and
  • dev, which contains much more recent code, but may not be 100% reliable.

As the code is still undergoing major changes as I collect and analyse more data for my PhD, this package is for tinkerers and those generally interested in the underlying code, rather than anyone looking for a polished, ready-to-use solution (for which I recomend MouseTracker.


Squeak is available from PyPI:

pip install squeak

To instal the latest version (usually not necessary, development of this library is slow):

pip install git+git@github.com:EoinTravers/Squeak.git