A Python library for generating EVE Online trivia questions.

pip install Thanatos==0.4.2



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Thanatos is a Python library for generating trivia questions for the sci-fi MMO EVE Online. It does require a MySQL database backend to operate and will download a selected list of DB tables. These tables come from the Static Data Export.

Example Usage

import thanatos

# For default vagrant/cloud9 connection defaults
db = thanatos.database.db_utils.get_connection()

# Or provide your own connection details
connection_details = {
    'host': '',
    'user': 'example',
    'password': 'some_secure_password',
    'database': 'some_db',

db = thanatos.database.db_utils.get_connection(connection_details)

# Asking a random question
question_class = thanatos.questions.question_utils.get_random_question()
question_instance = question_class(db)
question = question_instance.ask()

# Asking a specific question
question_instance = thanatos.questions.universe.BorderingRegionsQuestion(db)
question = question_instance.ask()

# Alternative way of asking a specific question
question_class = question_utils.get_question('borderingregionsquestion')
question_instance = question_class(db)
question = question_instance.ask()