🔎 the most similar 😀s.

similarity-search, string-search, emoji
pip install TopEmoji==0.1.2


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🔎 the most similar 😀s in 🐍3️⃣.

  • This is an application of TopSim, which searches the most similar strings against the query in Python 3.

The list of emojis are obtained from the official source Full Emoji List.


This package is available on PyPI. Just use pip3 install -U TopEmoji to install it.

CLI Usage

You can simply use the algorithm on terminal.

    topemoji-cli <query> [-k <k>]
  • Each emoji and its description and similarity, are printed to terminal and separated by tab character \t.
topemoji-cli "baby" -k 5
👶	baby	1.0
👼	baby angel	0.666
🐤	baby chick	0.666
🍼	baby bottle	0.6659
🚼	baby symbol	0.6659
  • You can also use emoji as query.
topemoji-cli "😀" -k 5
😀	grinning face	1.0
😆	grinning squinting face	0.9993
😺	grinning cat face	0.9331
😅	grinning face with sweat	0.866
😃	grinning face with big eyes	0.8659

API Usage

Alternatively, you can use the algorithm via API.

from topemoji import search

print(search("baby", k=5)) # Return each similarity and the respective emojis.
# [(1.0, [('👶', 'baby')]),
#  (0.6660006660006661, [('👼', 'baby angel'), ('🐤', 'baby chick')]),
#  (0.665889795238888, [('🍼', 'baby bottle'), ('🚼', 'baby symbol')])]