This library has got the implementation of topsis approach

topsis, lovish, 101703312
pip install Topsis-lovish-101703312==0.1


This readme file is going to define some dependencies of this library before using it First this library implements the topsis approach and have some constraints for using it which are defined below: The data need to be provided in the numerical format no linguistic expression should be used in the data The main topsis function should be provided with the 3 parameters which are described as below Weights :- The integer valued one dimenshion numpy array which tells the weightage of each feature Numerical_data :- 2D float numpy array having none of the feature values as linguistic values impact :- 1D string numpy array consisting of 2 values as "+" and "-" where "+" shows that, that particular feature value should be maximum and "-" corresponds to minimizing it's values. Result :- Now this function is going to return the index(starting from 1) of the model selected by the topsis approach in the numerical_data numpy array provided.