machine learning framework

pip install abstraction==2017.1.16.1534


project abstraction


Project abstraction is a work-in-progress neural network project using similar algorithms for conversation modelling and physics event classification, featuring curated utterance-response data and word vector features.

Note: abstraction is a project, not a finished product.

documentation description
setup setup procedures for ROOT, abstraction and reference hardware P507
GPU GPU utilities and tests
data data preprocessing and standardization, HEP data, conversation data
word vectors word vectors and related language modeling
usage usage of abstraction and related utilities
ttHbb ttH(bb) analysis
TensorFlow TensorFlow framework
Torch Torch framework
Caffe Caffe framework

A DARPA Perspective on Artificial Intelligence


Under consideration is a requirement for arcodex to ensure the existence of a response to an utterance before saving to database. In progress is changing from SkFlow to TF Learn.

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