Control remote side information.

pip install aiohttp-remotes==1.2.0



The library is a set of useful tools for aiohttp.web server.

The full list of tools is:

  • AllowedHosts -- restrict a set of incoming connections to allowed hosts only.
  • BasicAuth -- protect web application by basic auth authorization.
  • Cloudflare -- make sure that web application is protected by CloudFlare.
  • ForwardedRelaxed and ForwardedStrict -- process Forwarded HTTP header and modify corresponding scheme, host, remote attributes in strong secured and relaxed modes.
  • Secure -- ensure that web application is handled by HTTPS (SSL/TLS) only, redirect plain HTTP to HTTPS automatically.
  • XForwardedRelaxed and XForwardedStrict -- the same as ForwardedRelaxed and ForwardedStrict but process old-fashion X-Forwarded-* headers instead of new standard Forwarded.

Read for more information.

The library was donated by Ocean S.A.

Thanks to the company for contribution.