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Part of Catalyst Ecosystem. Project manifest.


Common installation:

pip install -U alchemy-catalyst

Getting started

  1. Goto Alchemy and get your personal token.

  2. Run following

    import random
    from alchemy import Logger
    token = "..."  # insert your personal token here
    for gid in range(1):
        for eid in range(2):
            for mid in range(3):
                metric = f"metric_{mid}"
                group = f"group_{gid}"
                experiment = f"experiment_{eid}"
                logger = Logger(token, experiment, group)
                n = 300
                x = random.randint(-10, 10)
                for i in range(n):
                    logger.log_scalar(metric, x)
                    x += random.randint(-1, 1)
  3. Now you should see your metrics on Alchemy.


For mode detailed tutorials, please follow Catalyst examples.