Alignak - Poller module to boost NRPE checks

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pip install alignak_module_nrpe_booster==1.0.0


Alignak Web services Module

Alignak Web services module

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The installation of this module will copy some configuration files in the Alignak default configuration directory (eg. /usr/local/etc/alignak). The copied files are located in the default sub-directory used for the modules (eg. arbiter/modules).

From PyPI

To install the module from PyPI:

sudo pip install alignak-module-ws

From source files

To install the module from the source files (for developing purpose):

git clone
cd alignak-module-ws
sudo pip install . -e

Note: using `sudo python install` will not correctly manage the package configuration files! The recommended way is really to use `pip`;)

Short description

This module for Alignak exposes some Alignak Web Services:

  • GET / will return the list of the available endpoints
  • GET /alignak_map that will return the map and status of all the Alignak running daemons
  • POST /alignak_command that will notify an external command to the Alignak framework
  • PATCH /host/<host_name> that allows to send live state for an host and its services, update host custom variables, enable/disable host checks


Once installed, this module has its own configuration file in the /usr/local/etc/alignak/arbiter/modules directory. The default configuration file is mod-ws.cfg. This file is commented to help configure all the parameters.

To configure an Alignak daemon (receiver is the recommended daemon) to use this module:

  • edit your daemon configuration file (eg. receiver-master.cfg)
  • add your module alias value (web-services) to the modules parameter of the daemon

Note that currently the SSL part of this module has not yet been tested!


Alignak Web Service module has an online documentation page.

Click on one of the docs badges on this page to browse the documentation.

Bugs, issues and contributing

Contributions to this project are welcome and encouraged ... issues in the project repository are the common way to raise an information.