Upload a locally saved vmdk to AWS s3, convert it to an AMI image, and rename/copy image to all specified regions

ami, upload, vmdk, vcenter, ovf, AWS
pip install amiuploader==1.0.0


VMDK to AMI Converter


This module will upload a specified vmdk file to a specified aws s3 bucket using a specified AWS config. After upload to s3 is complete, will make the ec2 call to convert the uploaded vmdk file to an ami. Script will monitor progress of the ami import.

After the initial ami import is complete, this script will copy that ami image to all specified aws regions, with the specified name. Script monitors all aws cp operations and waits for complete or error.


In order to complete all necessary operations to upload, import and copy images the following system requirements must be met

This script does its best to validate that you have permissions, but no promises are made


Ensure you have the local silo repository in your .pip config and:

$ pip install amiuploader


You can get a list of all arguments at the runtime help prompt

Example run: (Upload ami to us-west-1 and us-west-2 regions, with the name "dr-test")

$ amiupload -r 'us-west-1' 'us-west-2' -a "aws-admin-it" -b silo-ami-testing -f AMI_DB-Remote.vmdk -n "dr-test"