The dependence of Ansible Provider Alicloud modules.

pip install ansible-alicloud-module-utils==1.6.0


Ansible ECS Module

Ansible Alicloud Module is a new ansible module, and you can manage Alicloud ECS and other services more flexibly and conveniently via it. Next to introduce simply this module.


There are several files in the module directory, and these files describe some function that can operate alicloud products.

  • Create, Start, Stop, Restart or Terminate an Instance in ECS. Add or Remove Instance to/from a Security Group
  • Create, Attach, Detach or Delete a disk in ECS
  • Create or Delete a Security Group
  • Create or Delete a Vpc.
  • Create or Delete a VSwitch.
  • Create or Delete a route entry.
  • Create or Delete a Load balancer.
  • Create or Delete a listener for one Load balancer.
  • Add or Remove backend server to/from Load balancer.
  • Create or Delete a scaling group.
  • Create or Delete a scaling configuration.
  • Add or Remove ECS instnaces in a specified scaling group.
  • Create or Delete a scheduled task for scaling activity.
  • Create or Delete a scaling rule.
  • Create or Delete a network interface.
  • Create or Delete an OSS bucket.
  • Upload or Download an object to/from an OSS bucket.


In the module utils directory, the file identifies and gains playbook params, and provides this params to modules/*.py. In addition, this file implements connection between ansible and Alicloud API via footmark.


There are some playbooks to create some alicloud resource or build infrastructure architecture.


There are two ways to install alicloud provider. However, before installing it. you should ensure Ansible has existed in your server. If not, please install it using the following command:

sudo pip install ansible
  • First one

    Ansible provider has been released, and you can install it easily using the following command:

    sudo pip install ansible_alicloud
  • Second one

    Ansible provider's modules support to install independently. That means you can download one or more modules from lib/ansible/modules/cloud/alicloud and then run them independently. However, before running them, you should ensure ansible_alicloud_module_utils has existed in your server. If not, please install it using the following command:

    sudo pip install ansible_alicloud_module_utils

Execute playbook

  • Input your alicloud access key in the playbook or set environment variable:ALICLOUD_ACCESS_KEY and ALICLOUD_SECRET_KEY).

  • Input others resource params in the playbook.

  • execute ansible-playbook command as follows:

    $ ansible-playbook xxx.yml


Ansible Document:

Ansible Alicloud: Docs Details