Getting the world helth organization data using WHO API

pip install apidatawho==0.0.1


Explore a world of health data (THE GLOBAL HEALTH OBSERVATORY) python Library for world health organization API

This is a python package having multiple utilities. Github-flavored Markdown [Source : https://www.who.int/data/gho/info/gho-odata-api] 1.whoApi.getDimension() : Retrieving the list of available dimensions 2.whoApi.DimensionValues() : Retrieving a list of available values for a specific dimension 3.whoApi.IndicatorValue() : Retrieving the indicators list 4.whoApi.IndFilterlike(IndicatorNameVal) : To select only the indicators which contain a specific text.Retrieving the indicators list 5.whoApi.IndFilterSpec(Tindicator) : To select only the indicators that have a specific title,Retrieving the indicators list 6.whoApi.IndData(IndCode) : Specify an indicator to download by specifying the indicator code. This will return all associated data for that specific indicator. Retrieving indicator data 7.whoApi.IndAllData():Retrieving All Ind data in pandas dataframe, Warning : Please set our context memory size before calling this function

#Data Returns in three format: JSON,DF(DataFrame),XML. Default Format is : JSON