Get sensor data over the serial line and draw some nice 3d objects.

arduino, sensor, 3d, serial
pip install ardu-acqua-visual==0.2.1




This project will probably never leave the status of: Development - Alpha/Beta/Whatever

As I started this project, I installed python-virtual from the debian apt repo (as I have both a debian-desktop and a raspbian-develbox). This is great for security, but not that great for feature coverage...

Now I am starting to play around with IPython and Jupyter and use vpython installed through pip - but still, for the arduino project, I will probably use both tracks in parallel for some time..

Dependencies, Requirements

  • Debian/Raspian
  • python-visual
  • Python 2
  • tested against: 2.7
  • see requrements.txt for further dependencies

Basic Idea

Just for fun..

For the project we want to visualize the sensor values in a very basic and inexpensive way. So I just got a little 5" touchscreen for the raspberry pi, which is connected to the arduino, which is collecting sensor data. I then put the whole stuff into an old wooden wine box...

This is just a first test to see whether the raspberry pi is not getting too busy..


Really nice to have would be a vpython7 based collection of objects, that could be loaded based on a JSON config to visualize a certain sensor setup...