Caching library reimplementing django.core.cache with async support and type hints, inspired by encode/databases.

pip install async-caches==0.3.0


Async Caches

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Caching library reimplementing django.core.cache API with async support and type hints, inspired by encode/databases.

Currently three cache backends are available:

  • dummy - Dummy cache backend that doesn't cache anything. Used to disable caching in tests!
  • locmem - Cache backend that stores data in local memory. Lets you develop and test caching without need for actual cache server.
  • redis - Redis cache intended for use in actual deployments.

Requirements: Python 3.6+ Documentation:


$ pip install async-caches


Contributions are welcome!

If you've found a bug, got idea, question or just want to share the love, open GitHub issue or pull request!

Credits and license

This is free software and you are welcome to modify and redistribute it under the conditions described in the license. For the complete license, refer to the LICENSE file.

Parts of software come from databases package developed by Tom Christie and contributors and from Django package developed by Django project maintainers and contributors.