Python bindings to Atari games

pip install atari-py==0.2.5


Status: Maintenance (expect bug fixes and minor updates)


Build Status

A packaged and slightly-modified version of

Supported Systems

atari-py supports Linux and Mac OS X with Python 3.5, 3.6, and 3.7. Binaries for those platforms are published to PyPI

We also have binaries for Windows, but compiling from source on Windows or using the binaries is not officially supported.


To install via pip, run:

pip install atari-py That should install a correct binary verison for your OS. If that does not work (or if you would like get the latest-latest version, or you just want to tinker with the code yourself) see next paragraph.

Installation from source

  • make sure you have git, cmake and zlib1g system packages installed
  • clone the repo
  • run pip install -e .