Wrapper for multiple audio conversion libraries.

pip install audiomass==0.9.6


Audiomass - wrapper for multiple audio conversion libraries.

Audiomass is a command line audio wrapper of the Flac, Lame, Vorbis-tools, and FFmpeg libraries. It supports conversions of different audio file formats at a time and the ability to convert even groups of files in a directory, saving the output in a specific folder.

For each input file, audiomass writes to a filename based on the name of the input file. If the (-o) option is not specified, it save any file at same destination as input file.

It is possible to choose one or more conversion formats, based on the imported files, and then choose the respective bitrates.


  • python >=3.6
  • flac
  • lame
  • vorbis-tools (include: oggenc, oggdec)
  • ffmpeg


audiomass [-h]
          [-d INPUT_FOLDER, --directory INPUT_FOLDER]
          [-f FILE [FILE.. FILE.. ...], --files FILE [FILE.. FILE.. ...]]
          [-o OUTPUT_FOLDER, --output OUTPUT_FOLDER]


Convert a single audio file and save it into same directory:

audiomass -f '/home/Name/my Music/audiofile.wav'

Convert a bunch of audio files inside a folder and save them in another folder:

audiomass -d '/MyDirName/Music' -o '/MyOtherDir/converted'

Convert a queue of audio files and save them in a specified folder:

audiomass -f '..FILE 1.wav' '..FILE 2.mp3' '..FILE 3.flac' '...' -o '/MyOtherDir/converted'


python3 -m pip install audiomass

License and Copyright

Copyright © 2010 - 2022 Gianluca Pernigotto
Author and Developer: Gianluca Pernigotto
License: GPL3 (see LICENSE file in the docs folder)