AUR (archlinux) packages maintenance made easy via PyPi lookup

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pip install aury==1.1.3


AURy - Python package upgrader for AUR

What's this ?

Aury is an automatic Python packages upgrader for AUR (archlinux) users.

In short it will:

  • get the list of packages you own
  • if they follow the standard python packages naming convention:
    • check if there is an upgrade on PyPi
    • edit the PKGBUILD:
      • pkgver
      • pkgrel
      • md5sums
      • url
    • build the package to test if it's fine
    • upload it using burp

Sample output

% aury
Warming up
* a8
* etm
* hovercraft
* httpshell
- insight3d (skipping: not a standard python package)
Processed 34 packages (45 found, 9 rolling packages, 2 non-python).



% yaourt -Sy aury-git

Other linux

% easy_install -U aury


Let aury fail once

% aury

Then edit the ~/.config/aury/config file to suit your AUR website login. It should list your AUR python package one by one. You may need to list some package names in the configuration file under lowercase entry since AUR only accepts lowercase names.

Sample "real life" config

"user": "fab31",
"lowercase": ["", "pyPdf", "Paste", "ZConfig", "pyScss", "Moar"]


Most things are now automated, you just have to fix failures related to the package itself. So, most of the time, run aury and you'r done (you may have to fill the lowercase attribute of the configuration in case a new package needs it.

When a package upgrade fails

Most of the time, it's because the packager changed the compression format, this could be handled automatically in future... But today, you must:

  • go to ~/.config/aury/<package name>
  • edit the PKGBUILD file
  • run makepkg -s or makepkg -si to check if it works.

Then, run aury again, still with no arguments, to apply your fix and upload the package.


None known, but I can only test on my packages...


Today I'm quite happy with the result because it's very simple, but maybe some day...

  • Detect a compression format change in the package URL ?
  • Detect change in dependencies list and upgrade PKGBUILD accordingly
  • Test "rolling" packages (-git, -hg, etc...) as well and report them as failed [enabled using -a argument ?]