Reusable gold file testing system

pip install autest==1.8.1


Reusable Gold Testing System

Reusable Gold testing system, or autest for short, is a testing system targeted toward gold file, command line process testing.


  • Easy to write and add tests
  • Extensible system to allow:
  • Adding new functionality for testing your application
  • Batch commands as a new function to make it easier to write tests
  • Define custom report outputs
  • Precise as possible error messages to make it easy to see what is wrong fast
  • Sandbox to make it easy to see what failed and reproduce out of test system
  • Flexible gold file synatx to make it easier to ignore text that is not important
  • Run on python 2 or 3


The Reusable Gold testing system is not about making another unit testing framework.

How do I get set up?

Make sure you have python installed

To install run the command to get latest published version:

 pip install autest

To install the latest development version, run the command:

pip install git+

Basic usage

In the directory containing the tests run:


Quick start for creating a test

Read documentation to learn how to use write and use AuTest in more detail ( docs are being rewritten ) here.

Contribution guidelines

  • Feel free to suggest fixes or ask question
  • Have a fix submit a pull request!