Python Autobahn runner with auto-reconnect feature

pip install autobahn-autoreconnect==0.1.1



Python Autobahn runner with auto-reconnect feature


$pip install autobahn-autoreconnect 


autobahn >= 14.0.0


Just import the ApplicationRunner from autobahn_autoreconnect and it works as a drop in replacement for autobahn.asyncio.wamp.Application Runner.

from autobahn.asyncio.wamp import ApplicationSession
# from autobahn.asyncio.wamp import ApplicationRunner
from autobahn_autoreconnect import ApplicationRunner

class MyComponent(ApplicationSession):
    # awsesome wamp stuff 
if __name__ == '__main__':
    runner = ApplicationRunner("ws://localhost:8080/ws", "realm1")

Retry Strategy

The default retry strategy is the BackoffStrategy based on an increasing time interval starting at 0.5 seconds and doubling until a maximum of 512 seconds before giving up. If you want to override the defaults you can pass in your own BackoffStrategy like so:

from autobahn_autoreconnect import BackoffStrategy

# start with a 10s delay and increase by a factor of 10 until 1000s
# This strategy will wait 10s, 100s and 1000s and then stop retrying
strategy = BackoffStrategy(initial_interval=10, max_interval=1000 factor=10)
runner = ApplicationRunner("ws://localhost:8080/ws", "realm1", retry_strategy=strategy)

Custom Retry Strategies

You can also implement you own retry class by inheriting from autobahn_autoreconnect.IReconnectStrategy.

For example, to retry every second for 100 seconds we could do something like:

from autobahn_autoreconnect import IReconnectStrategy

class OneSecondStrategy(IReconnectStrategy):

    def __init__(self):
        self._retry_counter = 0
    def get_retry_interval(self):
        """Return interval, in seconds, to wait between retries"""
        return 1 

    def reset_retry_interval(self):
        """Called before the first time we try to reconnect"""
        self._retry_counter = 0

    def increase_retry_interval(self):
        """Called every time a retry attempt fails"""
        self._retry_counter += 1
    def retry(self):
        """Returning True will keep retrying, False will stop retrying"""
        return self._retry_counter < 100
runner = ApplicationRunner("ws://localhost:8080/ws", "realm1", retry_strategy=OneSecondStrategy())