Aviation weather report parsing library

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pip install avwx-engine==1.8.28



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Documentation: https://engine.avwx.rest

Source Code: https://github.com/avwx-rest/avwx-engine

PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/avwx-engine/

AVWX is a global aviation weather fetching and parsing engine. It sources reports from a variety of government sources, parses individual elements, and calculates additional information like flight rules and time range interpolation.

AVWX currently supports:

  • Station data and search
  • TAF
  • GFS (MAV, MEX)


The easiest way to get started is to download the library from pypi using pip:

python -m pip install avwx-engine

Basic Usage

Reports use ICAO, IATA, or GPS idents when specifying the desired station. Exceptions are thrown if a potentially invalid ident is given.

>>> import avwx
>>> metar = avwx.Metar('KJFK')
>>> metar.station.name
'John F Kennedy International Airport'
>>> metar.update()
>>> metar.data.flight_rules

You can learn more by reading the project documentation

Note: This library requires Python 3.8 or above


Download and install the source code and its development dependencies:

  • Clone this repository
git clone https://github.com/avwx-rest/avwx-engine
cd avwx-engine
  • Requirements:
  • Create a virtual environment and install the dependencies
poetry install
  • Activate the virtual environment
poetry shell


The test suite was built while using the pytest library, which is also installed as a dev dependency. The project uses poethepoet (dev dependency) to run basic tasks.

poe test

The end-to-end test files were generated using util/build_tests.py and placed into tests/{report}/data. Because Timestamp generation interprets the text based on the current date, Timestamp objects are nullified in the end-to-end tests.


The documentation is automatically generated from the content of the docs directory and from the docstrings of the public signatures of the source code. The documentation is updated and published to engine.avwx.rest automatically as part each release.

You can also preview local changes during development:

poe docs


Trigger the Draft release workflow (press Run workflow). This will update the changelog & version and create a GitHub release which is in Draft state.

Find the draft release from the GitHub releases and publish it. When a release is published, it'll trigger release workflow which creates PyPI release and deploys updated documentation.


Pre-commit hooks run all the auto-formatters, linters, and other quality checks to make sure the changeset is in good shape before a commit/push happens.

You can install the hooks with (runs for each commit):

pre-commit install

Or if you want them to run only for each push:

pre-commit install -t pre-push

Or if you want e.g. want to run all checks manually for all files:

pre-commit run --all-files