Feature engineering using ArcGIS Pro with Business Analyst for using quantitative Geography with Machine Learning.

arcgis, arcgis-business-analyst, arcgis-pro, machine-learning, python
pip install ba-tools==0.8.4



BA-Tools, shorthand for ArcGIS Business Analyst Tools is a collection of resources combined into a succinct Python package streamlining the process of performing analysis combining quantitative geographic and machine learning methods.


For the impatient, you can install this in your local environment using conda. It is a publicly available as an installable Conda package. However, it is highly recommended to use this in conjunction with GeoAI-Retail to dramatically streamline the entire analysis workflow.

> conda install -c knu2xs ba-tools

Overview and Features

BA-Tool dramatically streamlines the process of data munging to be able to build a model using Machine Learning. This is a supporting package for GeoAI-Retail.

BA-Tools facilitates quantitatively considering the complex interaction of geographic factors using machine learning to perform analyses for deriving human behavior insights - most notably, human behavior as it relates to retail. Especially when used in conjunction with GeoAI-Retail, BA-Tools dramatically streamlines the process of performing the requisite feature engineering using sound Geographic methods for retail forecasting.

It is important to note, this package offers no opinion or guidance on creation of the model. Rather, it facilitates the process of feature engineering, tapping into the vast data and Geographic analysis capabilities of ArcGIS to automate much of the feature engineering required to quantitatively create Geographic factors to include in model training. With this model created, BA-Tools module also enables inferencing using the created model to evaluate the effects of adding or removing a location from the retail landscape.


Currently, only analysis using ArcGIS Pro with the Business Analyst extension using locally installed United States data is supported. Consequently, for now, it is dependent on ArcPy and locally installed ArcGIS Business Analyst data for the United States. Depending on what use cases we run across, and have to support, international data and even full REST based analysis (not requiring ArcPy) may be supported in the future. Currently though, it is not.


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