automated backup checker

pip install backupchecker==1.9



BackupChecker is an automated backup checker. Read the documentation in docs/ or read it online.

If you would like, you can support the development of this project on Liberapay. Alternatively you can donate cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC: 1BcdXCcLKN9PRpp6qw23FYkYuVp59dKZix
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Quick Install

  • Install Backup Checker from PyPI

      # pip3 install backupchecker
  • Install Backup Checker from sources

      # tar zxvf backupchecker-1.9.tar.gz
      # cd backupchecker
      # python3 install
      # # or
      # python3 install --install-scripts=/usr/bin

Use Backup Checker locally

  • Generate the configuration files for a given archive:

      $ backupchecker -G /path/to/backup.tar.gz
  • Verify the archive and its content:

      $ backupchecker -c /path/to/confs/

Use Backup Checker with remote backups

  • Generate the configuration files for a remote archive through FTP

      $ wget --quiet -O - ftp://user:pass@server/backup.tar.gz | ./ -G -
  • Verify an archive on a remote server through SSH

      $ ssh -q server "cat /tmp/backup.tar.gz" | ./ -c . -


Carl Chenet


This software comes under the terms of the GPLv3+. See the LICENSE file for the complete text of the license.