The familar Make / Bash hybrid.

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pip install bake-cli==0.12.0


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    $ bake, n:
    the s☿rangely familiar task runner.

I love using Makefile for one-off tasks in projects.

The problem with doing this is that you can't use familiar bash–isms when doing so, as GNU Make doesn't use the familiar Bash syntax, nor does it allow for simple ad–hoc use of arbitrary scripting languages (e.g. Python).

This project seeks to bridge all of these worlds into a single entrypoint — ideal for cross–language repositories.

Features 'n Things

  • A Bakefile, which looks and feels like the good parts of a Makefile.
  • Except, you can write real bash code!
  • Environment variables are explicitly passed or whitelisted (allowed), not inherited from the parent shell.
  • Unlike Makefile, either tabs or 4 spaces can be used.
  • Tasks can be run safely and reliably. Rest assured that scripts are executed from the project root (e.g. location of the Bakefile).
  • See advanced example for further, juicy, details.

Community / Contrib

Installing $ bake


$ brew install kennethreitz/-/bake
==> Installing bake from kennethreitz/-

🍺  /usr/local/Cellar/bake/19-09-16: 1,563 files, 16.7MB, built in 11 seconds

Various Linux Distributions (Python 3.6+):

$ pip3 install bake-cli
Collecting bake-cli

Successfully installed bake-cli-0.2.0 pexpect-4.7.0 ptyprocess-0.6.0


$ cat Bakefile

install: install/node install/python
install/full: install/system install

install/python: @skip:key=Pipfile.lock
    pipenv install
install/node: @skip:key=yarn.lock
    yarn install
install/system: @confirm
    brew install pipenv yarn

    black .

    set -u && echo "$HELLO: $@"

utils/deploy: @confirm:secure
    exit 0

Team & Workflow Management

$ bake install
 + Executing install/node:
 |  yarn install v1.17.3
 |  info No lockfile found.
 |  [1/4] Resolving packages...
 |  [2/4] Fetching packages...
 |  [3/4] Linking dependencies...
 |  [4/4] Building fresh packages...
 |  success Saved lockfile.
 |  Done in 0.05s.
 + Executing install/python:
 |  Installing dependencies from Pipfile.lock (f10bb0)…
 + Executing install:
 + Done.

Skip Steps, Automatically

$ bake install
 + Skipping install/node:
 + Skipping install/python.
 + Executing install:
 + Done.

Neat, eh?

Passing Values (Arguments & Parameters)

$ bake utils/argv KEY=VALUE 1 2 3
 + Executing utils/argv:
 |  WORLD: 1 2 3
 + Done.

Added Peace of Mind

$ bake utils/deploy
   What is 10 times 2?: 7

Advanced Usage Sample

advanced screenshot

Fancy, eh?

This repository has been brought to you, with much joy, by Kenneth Reitz.

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